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Get data driven answers to all your burning questions about women, attraction, dating, and sex on dating apps. Learn how to put your best foot forward and be more confident with who you are and what you want.

    Get answers to your burning questions such as:

    • How many women use dating apps for relationships, hook ups, or social media followers?
    • How does a woman's bio signal what she's really looking for?
    • How dangerous do women perceive men to be?
    • What is the best way to make your photos more attractive?
    • Which traits are attractive to women with different personalities?
    • How much does height, hair, age, and money matter?
    • What should your first message be?
    • Should you immediately invite her to video chat?
    • How many women are open to hooking up after the first date?
    • How many women are open to ethically non monogamous relationships?
    • How do the answers to these questions change based on her attractiveness, age, height, orientation, marital status, and motivation for joining a dating app?

    Frequently asked questions

    dating_decoder's mission is to help you be the most attractive version of yourself by making you comfortable and confident with who you are and what you want.

    dating_decoder is here to give you data driven answers to your burning questions about dating.

    Search the internet for "dating advice" and you're bound to find thousands of "experts" who claim their generic tips will help you improve your love life. Nearly every "expert" opinion is pure speculation with no scientific rigor. Getting data driven and unbiased advice is nearly impossible. The results are little different when you ask your friends. Ask five people for dating advice and you might get five biased or conflicting opinions.

    dating_decoder conducts its own research by interviewing and surveying hundreds of Americans.

    Survey respondents were sourced through a firm specializing in sourcing high-quality, demographically balanced survey panelists.